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Tripping on Oriental Rugs
A fifty-year Passion - Jacob Avshalomov

Jacob Avshalomov has been enchanted by oriental rugs for half a century - during which he admired, hunted, sold, swapped, restored and cherished them. The idea of writing this account came from his wife, Doris, who also suggested the title.

All the rugs shown are from their own collections, past and present.

This book deals with them as works of art; it also includes a unique look at how they relate to the designs of classical music. The author, his father and older son are all composers - the subjects of another book published by Xlibris, "Avshalomov's Winding Way".

Over 50 color photos, with insights into the rugs and some adventures in hunting for them.



$26.99 (80 p.)


Avshalomovs' Winding Way

This is a tale of father and son composers as they pursued their ideals in the Far East and across America.

In 1946 Aaron Avshalomov's music drama, "The Great Wall", was sponsored by Mme. Sun Yat Sen and acclaimed in Shanghai and Nanking. During thirty years in China Avshalomov created many works based on Asian materials. His son Jacob, who studied with him by mail from Tientsin, emigrated to the U.S. in 1937. After teaching at Columbia University he conducted the Portland Youth Philharmonic for forty years. His compositions won him the New York Music Critics Award and other prizes.

Aaron, forsaking China in 1947, came to the U.S. and struggled for years with scant success - despite encouragement from Stokowski, Eleanor Roosevelt, Koussevitzky and Bernstein.

However, in 1985 his 90th anniversary was celebrated in Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai, where Jacob conducted his works.

In 1997, with his son David, Jacob recorded three CDs of Aaron's music with the Moscow Symphony — which are now bringing a rediscovery of Aaron.


A touching composition – Jacob Avshalomov's memoir offers an insightful look at his relationship with his father
By David Stabler, The Oregonian, August 13, 2002


HB $33; PB $22.

Other Publications

  • THE CONCERTS REVIEWED — 65 Years of the Portland Youth Philharmonic
    publ. by P. Y. Phil Assn. 1119 S. W. Park Ave. Portland, OR 97205

  • MUSIC IS WHERE YOU MAKE IT — The Joyful Workings of America's First Youth Orchestra
    publ. by P. Y. Phil Assn.


CD: Choral Works by Jacob Avshalomov
Albany/Troy 820

- When Summer Shines
- Songs in Season
- His Fluid Aria
- Reflections from the Road

Aaron & Jacob Avshalomov
(CRI 667, ADD, 51:09)

1. Piano Concerto in G, on Chinese Themes and     Rhythms (Aaron)

4. Peiping Hutungs: Symphonic poem on Chinese     Street Sounds and Cries (Aaron)

2. The Taking of T'ung Kuan (Jacob)

3. Prophecy (Jacob)

Fabled Cities
(Albany/Troy 296, 1998)

1. City Upon A Hill

2. Inscriptions at the City of Brass

3. Symphony: The Oregon, III & IV

4. Up at Timberline

Portland Youth Philharmonic
Jacob Avshalomov, composer & conductor

Three Generations Avshalomov
(Albany/Troy 216, 76:17, DDD)

1. Torn Curtain (David Avshalomov)

2. Evocations (Jacob Avshalomov)

3. Sonatine (Jacob Avshalomov)

4. Songs (Aaron Avshalomov)

Daniel Avshalomov, viola
Robert MacDonald & Pamela Pyle, piano

Symphony of Songs
(Albany/Troy 160, 73:05, DDD)

1. Praises From the Corner of the Earth

2. Raptures for Orchestra on Madrigals of Gesauldo

3. Symphony of Songs

Portland Youth Philharmonic
Jacob Avshalomov, composer & conductor

Music for Virtuoso Chorus & VirtuoSolo Instruments

1. Tom o' Bedlam
2. I Saw a Stranger
3. The Grain of Sand
4. Now Welcom Somer
5. Most Triumphant Bird
6. Proverbs of Hell
7. Songs from the Goliards
8. Prophecy
9. Be Valentine (3a from Songs in Season)

Twenty-Four Songs
(Albany/Troy 249, 70:18, 1997)

  • Alyce Rogers, mezzo soprano
  • Linda Barker, piano
  • Daniel Avshalomov, viola
  • Marcy Fetchen, clarinet
  • Melody Wooldridge Avril, flute

Oregon Composers
(Albany/Troy 115, 72:08, DDD)

1. Open Sesame! (Portland Youth Philharmonic;
    Jacob Avshalomov, composer & conductor)

Portland Youth Philharmonic
(CRI 664, 58:05, 1994)

1. Phases Of The Great Land: I. The Long Night;     Klondike Fever

2. Phases Of The Great Land: II. The Summer Days;     Anchorage Aloft

5. Cantata: How Long Oh Lord

The American Clarinet
(Albany/Troy 502)

1. Evocations (Czech National Symphony Orchestra; JoAnn Falletta; conductor, Robert Alemany, clarinet)